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Flying4Home's Clear Bee poised to forever alter the way that people clean their windows, through
intelligently engineered drone and washing technologies, combined into an easy-to-use system.


Emerging at the crossroads of robotics and home upkeep, Clear Bee promises to change the way that
people think about at least one of their least favorite chores: keeping their windows shiny and clean.
The team at Flying4Home has applied drone technology in one of the most practical manners in a very
long time, devising an easy-to-use tool.

As they explain it, Clear Bee works on both the interiors and the exteriors of your windows. This is
especially welcome news for anyone who has struggled to maintain the toughest-to-reach windows in
their homes and offices. It comes at a time when more people seem willing to pass on their household
tasks to robots, as 64% of respondents to an Oracle survey have said they would even consider trusting
a robot to lead a team.

Clear Bee is, of course, not asking anyone to place quite that much faith in it. Instead, its purpose is
narrow. You can continue to work through your to-do list around the house the same way that you
always have, all the while cutting down on the energy and time that you would have had to put into
wiping down your windows.

Flying4Home has announced a wide range of features that will come integrated into Clear Bee right out
of the box. It will, for example, leave no streaks on the windows that it cleans, hovering over the
surface so that its movements are constantly mark-free. For the same reason, it prevents the scratches
that sand and dirt often cause, working more smoothly and more gently than even a careful hand could.


Designed as well from an eco-friendly mindset, Clear Bee uses a much smaller amount of water than
one may presume. Its microfiber cloth gives off small amounts of water, working via a fast-drying light
mist. This also means that it finishes its job more quickly because as the water dries, the final results
become apparent.

From dust to brush and everything in between, there is little that Clear Bee would struggle to remove.
Its nylon fibers, which Flying4Home has patented, are exceptionally well-suited for removing fly
droppings from windows. Although frequently overlooked, these particles represent one of the most
common causes of cloudy, unsightly marks on surfaces that ought to be perfectly transparent.

Clear Bee is, as Flying4Home has pointed out, a straightforward device, drawing on existing
technology in an innovative and groundbreaking manner. It saves energy, it saves time, and it acts
quickly. Although the device is not available as of this writing, it will be soon. Flying4Home has
outlined plans for a crowdfunding campaign, in order to promote Clear Bee to a wider audience and
raise the start-up capital that they need to cover their fees.

For anyone interested in learning more about Clear Bee and the associated Kickstarter, it would make
sense to subscribe to the Flying4Home newsletter.





Die erste Haushaltsdrohne der Welt putzt Deine Fenster.

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