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Most people, when you ask them this question, never even think about cleaning their windows. That is because window cleaning is such a stressful and arduous task that until the glass becomes outrageously dirty, we try to ignore the mess. We pretend that it is not there and hope that no one else notices it either.

At Flying4Home, we have conducted extensive research into the field of drone technology, all with you and your home in mind. We know how important window cleanliness would be for you, if only it were a little simpler and a little more within your reach.

Clear Bee, engineered to clean your windows both inside and outside, is going to change the way that you think about your windows – empowering you take charge of the look and mood, from your front room to your front lawn. Featuring patent pending technology (for the navigation and cleaning mechanisms), it is the world’s first drone designed specifically for this purpose. We were not content to be the first, though. In addition to creating this pioneering tool, we have integrated all of the features necessary for the utmost precision and convenience.

Clear Bee -

keep your windows cleaner than ever with our innovative drone design to get to hard reached places for clear windows all day long You never have to worry about dirty windows again Compact durable Easy to use the drone going to show you just how sparking and be of the window in your home can get

No Streaks!

Because the drone is moving through the air, and not along the window, it is not going to leave any marks along the glass. While other robots would leave streaks on your windows, our groundbreaking drone will not. Clear Bee gets you a more perfect clean than you may have thought possible before.

No Scratches

Clear Bee works gently, avoiding any incidental scratches that sand or dirt would cause during cleaning and removal. You can use our drone comfortably and confidently on even your most expensive window panes, knowing that we have taken care not to develop anything that works roughly or haphazardly.

Minimal Water Usage!

Aware of our impact on the planet, we have found a crucial method for minimizing the water that Clear Bee is using. The microfiber cloth, emitting only a small amount of water, is more sustainable than even manual cleaning. As a bonus, the light mist dries rapidly. eliminating the appearance of residue more quickly than other methods would.

Special Fly-Dropping Remover!

It’s true: fly droppings will end up on your windows, and when they do, they are even more difficult than sand and dirt to remove. Rest assured that we have thought of that as well, selecting nylon fibers to remove fly droppings via a patented process.

Easy to Use!

To get started the first time you use Clear Bee, all you need to do is pre-clean your window once. Then, you never need to do so again. Clear Bee will handle the rest through regular usage. The pre-cleaning simply ensures that Clear bee can do its job effectively, and once you read our straightforward instructions, you will feel like a true drone master as you use Clear Bee.

Any Window,

Any Window,

Cleaner Windows, within Your Reach

No stretching and no climbing! Clear Bee handles everything for you, getting itself into position and doing all the spraying for you.

These Are Three


Spray The Drone’s

Cleaning Device

Using pure water, detergent, or any cleaning agent of your choice.

Position The Device
After positioning the drone by the window, turn it on. Then allow it to hover gently out of your hand.
Collect the Drone
It will cling safely via gecko tape, waiting for you to come get it.

It Takes The Drone Only Two Minutes

And when you do, you should see the outside, not smudges and streaks on your windows. Clear Bee can help there!



We Ship Worldwide. So,

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